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How it works- 3 steps


1. Post what you need and what you can offer.


2. Wait for other users to view the offer and replay with interesting offers.


3. Accept a offer and exchange with it.

Quickhaggle.com provides you a community to find users who may be interested in exchanging with you.

Post a Offer in the most relevant category for your service, skill, ebook or product.

Example 1:- Mr.Smith need a content writer and he is a web designer. He can post a offer in Content Writing category to find someone.

Example 2:- Ms. Esha need iPhone 4 and she has a Samsung Galaxy S2. She can post a offer in Smartphones category to find someone.

Accept Offer you are interested to exchange with!

Example 1:- Mr. Ali is a content writer and he need someone who can design his or his client website. He can replay to Mr.Smith offer to negotiate about the deal.

Example 2:- Mr. Jhone has a Galaxy S2 and he need iPhone 4, he can replay to Ms. Esha offer to finalize the exchange deal.


It is Safe! Quick Haggle provides you a safe community to exchange your services, skills, ebooks or products. You can send Private Messages to each other and can also Rate each other.

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